UNC and Utah Jazz win. Almost A Great Night…

What About American Idol?

Last night was a real treat for me.  I caught the last moments of UNC beating Duke at Cameron Indoor (missed the game because I was killing (comedically) in Washington Heights in a bar for literally 11 people – comedy is funny like that – a great show can be for that small an audience, especially when you have perfected your “Obama as strip club DJ” routine as your closer – video coming soon).

Then I watched the Utah Jazz defeat the LA Lakers, which will be replicated in April or May of this year.

The last thing I had to watch on my DVR before going to bed was American Idol.  I have been hot and cold with this show since I started watching at the end of season 3, but this season I think they have assembled the characters well.  And perhaps it is the way the edit it (probably), but this season seems to have more talent that the last few seasons.  If you have not been watching this season I think you should, but that was not before my joy over hoops victories became temporary disappointment. 

Top Three Disappointments From Last Night

  1. Jamar Rogers was cut.  The guy looks like Pharrell Williams and has ridiculous vocals.  I am not really sure why he was cut.  I guess they needed one “shocking” cut.
  2. Nathanial Marshall was not cut.  He was clearly outsung by the person he had a sing-off with.  This guy is literally Nick Swardson’s gay character from Reno 911.  He would have to be the Human Torch to be any more on fire.  He would also be the most annoying character on the show if not for the most annoying human being on Earth…
  3. Tatiana Del Toro is still alive.  If you are watching solely to see her get eliminated I completely understand.  I am just hoping she is so disappointed that she steps in front of a moving bus. 

Top 5  With a Chance to Win (in no order)

  1. Anoop Desai – I am just waiting for one of the judge’s to refer to him as Slumdog Millionaire.  Pluses – the guy is not black or white, which would represent a change for American Idol.  He can also really sing.  Negatives – Lou Dobbs will claim American Idol has outsourced its competition.
  2. Jorge Nunez – 21 year old Puerto Rican so like Anoop Dogg (Randy Jackson said it, not me) he would be a new face for the competition.  He can also sing – sounds like a slightly deeper Marc Anthony.  Negatives – Madonna is trying to fu-k him.  Negatives for Madonna – Jorge is en fuego.
  3. Danny Gokey – The sympathetic choice who can actually sing.  His wife died and his best friend, Jamar Rogers, was surprisingly eliminated. 
  4. Matt Giraud – this year’s “soulful white guy” contestant.  But this guy is really, really good.  And he does not have Elliot Yamin’s dental problems
  5. Lil’ Rounds.  Would be the worst name by far of any winner, but the best voice in the competition.

Do I have too much time on my hands?  Sure.  Do I apologize for watching American Idol?  Nope.  Should I apologize for downloading David Cook’s new single on iTunes?  Maybe.