An unbiased review of my debut CD, by Me

Well, the day has arrived. My debut cd is ready for shipping and sale and to assist you in your decision to purchase it I offer the following review by me.

The buzz started early for this 71 minute comedic masterpiece. These were two of the reviews for the live performance:

“It’s hard to be funny for an hour.” – My Uncle

“You didn’t suck.” – friend from law school.

The CD starts with hilarious observations of my family and then moves into lampooning my Catholic faith. (Family and Religion – I am amazed no comic has yet tried to tackle these sources of humor).

Topics that resonate well with the crowd on the cd and are sure to have dozens of people laughing at their cd palyers include Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Pope, Holiday stereotypes, and the always hilarious prison rape. The true highlight of the cd is probably my insightful commentary on what dating a woman with a kid is like. I am already on ACS’ 10 most wanted if I ever become a parent.

Overall I think the CD is a masterstroke of comedy. I take the crowd on a journey of impressions (George Bush, Arnold S, Aaron Neville, Owen Wilson, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jack Bauer, Nicholas Cage) and insensitive comments that will surely have my friends, family and the occasional accidental visitor to my wrebsite rolling with laughter.

However, some comedy fact checkers may take issue with some liberties I take in my routine and I will let the truth be known now.

POINT 1 – Gary Glitter is not American and therefore cannot technically outsource his pedophilia to Southeast Asia. However, his tour de force Rock N Roll Pt 2 is an American sports institution and by that he is like an American. Also, he was not having sex with 11 year old boys as I say on the cd. It was 11 year old girls. I hope that I did not portray him in an unfair light with my misleading facts.

POINT 2 – Jean Claude Van Damme in the film Nowhere to Run was seen naked by a 6 year old girl, but he was not toweling off as I indicate on the cd. He was just standing there. What an actor.

Point 3 – I have been asked by a fan if I would be doing a signing at Virgin Megastore in Times Square. I will not be, but I will be intimidating midwestern families who venture by Vigin Megastore into buying several copies of my cd.

So go to the store and enjoy what J-L Calls “a masterpiece” of comedy.

In all seriousness, it is a good cd and I hope you enjoy it. Thanks