The Scariest Movie Ever

Move over Exorcist

For my entire life there have been very few 100% undeniable truths. But one of them has always been that The Exorcist is the scariest movie ever made. However, I must now call that into question with my viewing yesterday (in keeping with our tradition of honoring dead soldiers by watching movies) of An Inconvenient Truth, starring Al Gore.

Before getting into what frightened me, I must say that everyone should see this movie, if for no other reason than to observe that Al Gore is the greatest user of Power Point presentation in history.

The movie itself is basically a 90 minute lecture by Al Gore, with lots of graphics and video demonstrating that we humans, are destroying Earth and Americans are the biggest culprits. If we do not stop global warming, there are going to be some major problems. Among the places that will most likely be flooded in 50-70 years is lower Manhattan, which will probably be attributed to Saddam Hussein. When leaving the theater I heard a 20-something male say to a friend, “Man, when I saw Manhattan flooded that freaked me out.” The intersting thing here was that among the things shown to be flooded before lower Manhattan were the state of Florida (which probably made Gore a little bit happy) and the country of the Netherlands. This illustrates one of Al Gore’s points. Even when there is massive catastrophe, no one is shocked until they realize that their favorite Starbucks is underwater as well.

While watching the movie I could hear the Ghostbusters: “Seas boiling, dead rising from the graves. Cats and Dogs living together – MASS HYSTERIA!” It is a really intense movie and as Gore’s (apt name to star in the scariest movie) old book title indicates Earth really is in the balance. I personally think he should run again for President. And I want Jeb Bush to run for the Republicans. It would be like Drago’s brother coming out of nowhere to challenge Rocky in Rocky 13.

So I guess the point of this is that you should see this movie if you give a shit about anything besides yourself and your immediate circle. And then rent The Exorcist and tell me which you thought was scarier.