Movie of the Week: Sherlock Holmes Game Of Shadows

This week’s movie was Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows (which in the first 20 minutes Sherlock manages to subtly say “He is playing a game Watson, a shadowy game,” but the movie experience I had could be called the Game of Overshadowing.  That is because between the movie theater, the funny pre-show PSAs and one movie preview in particular, Sherlock Holmes ended up being the 4th best thing about going to see Sherlock Holmes.  It was not a terrible movie, but let me explain.

I went to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema a theater where they serve a full menu in spacious seats.  It was awesome.  I had a milkshake and got in for free (G list celebrity) so I had the best movie experience I have ever had for cheaper than a regular movie ticket in NYC (only $10 if I had not been comped).  After going to this theater I think every movie theater should operate like this one.

Then, the movie theater had the best PSA for theater etiquette. I looked for it on YouTube but could not find it, but  it was basically an old school cartoon of a hot dog, popcorn and candy singing some 50s jingle and then some  modern heavy metal candy band starts blasting about how if you use your cell phone or crinkle the wrappers of your candy too loudly they will kill you, with the 50s candies looking on horrified.

Then came the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, which got a nerdy rise out of me.  It looks dark and apocalyptic and scary and awesome.  Can’t wait.

So then it was time for Sherlock Holmes, which turned out to be an OK movie.  I definitely liked the first one much better.  The problem is the lack of a substantial plot.  The Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes is a man of action and inferred brilliance.  There is a lot more punching (the action sequences are shot in a very cool manner) and a lot less detective work.  The most glaring part of the plot, which was hinted at in the first one is that Sherlock Holmes is clearly in love with Watson (Jude Law).  The humorous suggestion of the first film is basically laid out in even more obvious homoerotic scenes in this film.  It goes from being funny to almost awkward where we are left wondering, “Wait, is the focus of the movie that Holmes is in love with Watson?”  Sherlock Holmes: Brokesleuth Mountain.

The performances are good, but the middle hour of the movie seems to be wandering aimlessly for a plot for the viewer to care about.  That said I enjoyed the beginning of the film and was pleasantly surprised by the final 30 minutes of the film.  But I’d say wait for video.


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