Keep My Enemies Closer Official Promo PLUS A Special New Fan!

As of today we are 36 days from the release of Keep My Enemies Closer, my new album that will either be a launching  pad for the next phase of my comedy career or the epitaph on my comedy career tombstone.  Either way it will be worth a buy and listen, preferably in that order.  As the final touches are done on artwork and production before I start promoting the holy hell out of it I offer you my August JLComedy video of the month.  I took this month off from impressions and skewering the comedy business to honor my favorite television show and character.  If you are a fan of Breaking Bad you will get this and enjoy it.  If not, just watch the fu*king thing as a show of support and mark your calendars to get on iTunes on September 24th.  Here’s the video:

Just to show you that I still have a stalker who is willing to fight a sad and lonely fight.  He has used a couple of false names on-line to draw attention away from the positive attention my work has been getting recently.  Sadly when you post 9 consecutive hateful comments filled with information stated by me on my podcasts people do not actually think you are stirring a debate, but just in need of mental health assistance.  So if you enjoyed the video and are looking forward to the album, thank you and here is an example of the kind of people who are REALLY excited about the album:

Oh yeah – on a positive note I have lost 11 pounds in my first 8 days on the Paleo diet so I hope “Claymaker” can one day by my friend!

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