Hartford Journal – Part 1: Three’s Company

So the last time I had a roommate (not a roommate in the Manhattan sense that you are actually apartment mates, but literally sharing a room with someone) was sophomore year of college.  Overall, having a roommate was relatively pleasant despite having had my laundry urinated on in a drunken episode.  (epilogue – my sophomore year roommate is now a Medical Doctor, which is actually a great ad for Williams College – See, at Williams College even people who appear to be potential fu*k-ups end up quite successful).

Well a 12 year streak came to an end last night at the Hartford Funny Bone comedian condo last night. 

When Matt, the Funny Bone driver and doorman picked me up at the Amtrak station we had the following conversation:

J-L: Is the headliner staying in a hotel?

Matt: Nope he’s in the condo and you might have a roommate.

J-L: Where is the emcee from?

Matt: Florida

J-L: So when you said roommate you meant as in a guy in the bed 3 feet next to my bed.

Matt: haha Yes.

J-L: And since he is coming from Florida when you said “might” you meant “definitely”

Matt: haha Yes.

Based on hair length I am the Jack Tripper of the Hartfor Funny Bone condo.

So the bad news was that I had a guy with a mustache sleeping 3 feet from me, but the good news is that the headliner Dean Napolitano and emcee Nick Cantone are both cool dudes and it turns out that the week should be pretty fun.  We also  have all swapped ex-girlfriend stories and I won by a landslide so I felt simultaneously like a winner and a huge loser.  I am hoping that Nick hooks up with a girl in the room though because I have always wanted to be a Jersey Shore/Real World person who is peeking out of their covers laughing while the person in the bed next to them has sex.  Hopefully that can get crossed off the bucket list.

The view from my bed in the condo? Only time will tell.

The condo is both full of amenities and a semi-dump.  it has a laundry room, full kitchen, clean bathrooms, and also a 32″ flat screen tv.  But at the same time the 32″ tv is on top of a broken “60 tv and the furniture, carpet and comforters probably have the same amount of biological material as a bedspread in a hotel with hourly rates. 

Last night’s show was fun, but I definitely delivered a B-.  For the first time I can remember the crowd was actually more generous than I deserved (usually they are right on or stupid).  I was trying to integrate about 6 newer minutes in my set, but I ended up meandering more than I wanted to.  Tonight will be good.  Hopefully a new video or two to my website and YouTube page from this weekend.  You’re welcome in advance.

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