Birmingham Part D

Last night was an interesting night at The Stardome.   It was a chatty crowd, which can often spell doom for a comedy show.  And for part of the show I felt doomed.  In a room of 425 patrons it takes a lot of people to make it feel like you are killing, but only a few chatty tables to ruin it.  But I got through the set and thought I did fairly well.  However I did not want to sell merchadise after the show.  I had a great set and crowd on Thursday and sold a big donut.

When you are trying to sell merchandise after a show and people are avoiding you you feel like an ugly prostitute: sacrificing your dignity and people still aren’t interested in what you are selling.  I think that is why I feel bad for some of the ugly whores on the HBO series Cathouse when they don’t get picked for a “party,”it’s like insult to injurious STDs.

So I was not going to sell CDs/DVDs during the headliner’s set some 15 year old kid came up to me and said, “You were really good.” And like Adrian saying to Rocky in Rocky II, “WIN!!!!!” I decided to swallow my pride and stand with some CD/DVDs.

One of the first people out said to me “That crowd was stupid and talked to much.  Everyone who paid attention thought you were great.”  That felt good, and then a miracle happened – I started selling stuff.  8 in total – not quite Platinum, but the most I’ve ever sold after a show (and bringing me 7 away from the magic number of 15 sold).  I also received several R-rated compliments, which made me feel less like a comedian and more like a man walking by an all-female construction crew (possible porn plot?).

So I am hoping tonight’s show is better, which at the rate this week has been going would mean bigger laughs, more CD/DVDs sold and probably autographing cleavage.  Woo hoo!