Atlanta – Day 3

Saw Jonah Hex yesterday.  A not good movie, but it had the decency to be only 80 minutes long.

3 shows last night.  Very tiring.  Felt like I did extremely well on the 7 pm and 11 pm shows (the 11 pm show was nice enough to laugh hard when I told them “I have to practically skullfu*k myself to fit into an airline seat.”  The 9 pm show was pretty good and with a couple of Asians, several black people and a couple of “what the fu*k are you’s” it was by far the most diverse show of the weekend. Ironically with that explosion of diversity I did not feel it went as well as the other two.

Tonight – 2 shows with Joe Rogan.  Turns out I will just be doing guest spots (he brings his own feature), so the good news is I will be able to catch the replay of True Blood in my hotel room at 11 pm and then fall asleep to the replay of the season finale of Treme.  The bad news is I will only be doing guest spots.  But I will use them to film TV audition reels (full house pumped up at a big club is a good time to do this).  Then I will just have to find a member of the tribe in LA or NYC to vouch for me when I send them to television bookers. 

Back in NYC tomorrow.