Joe Rogan, Jason Collins and No Money: My Huge…

So my name and Internet exposure continue to grow after the initial burst from the Louis CK parody video I did.  I got a spirit lifting message on Facebook last night as I shuffled from west village open mic to lightly attended Brooklyn bar show.   To paraphrase the message: “Hey Amy Schumer just mentioned your CK video on Joe Rogan’s podcast and they are loving it.”  This was refreshing in many ways.  One, it was good to know the video would get a little bit more exposure. Two, it was good to see Amy Schumer had not forgotten about the metaphorically little people who were doing bringers and open mics with her for a couple of years before she made an ever so slight move ahead of us in the comedy world (between the two of us we have grossed hundreds of thousands of dollars in comedy).  And three, I liked seeing Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir laugh at the video, especially since Shaffir seemed to know more about me than Schumer remembered, despite the fact that I only was in the same room as Shaffir and Rogan once, when I got bumped off of a Father’s Day show in Atlanta at The Punchline because Rogan only does two person shows (but no hard feelings – I crushed some nearby IHOP during their show, so no harm no foul (or money).

Click Here for My “Appearance” on The Joe Rogan Experience

If that was not a good enough way to keep my name going strong, my podcast episode cleared 3300 downloads/listens this week, making it my most popular episode to date.  I was discussing Summer movies, but also riffing and discussing the Jason Collins story and apparently that triggered some hiccup or spasm on the Internet that led to a major uptick in downloads.  If you want to listen to it check it here.  Or maybe because it was episode 69 it just received a lot of lost porn fans.

But in case anyone was afraid this might have a happy ending it does not.  The Google loot has not started to roll in yet (220,000 views puts me only many months from the first Google penny being minted) and the podcast is free, which are two reasons why I write these  from an office in Manhattan, until that glorious day when Louis CK punches me in the face and I sue him for $1 million, which will lead to a wave of inspired lawsuits (when comedy websites and social media experts begin reporting me as a trailblazer in new ways to make money in comedy – “the old way of getting famous and rich without getting your ass kicked is a thing of the past!”).

But the good news is my new album recording is fast approaching (which will put some money in my pocket temporarily) and tickets can be bough HERE for the May 18th 9pm recording at NYC’s Triad Theater. Please buy the rest of the seats up now and get friends to join you or buy their own.

Lastly, in a hopeful epilogue the script for my new sketch for release in mid-to-late May will be done tonight.  So catch up on my YouTube channel and get ready for more fun.  If the May video is even close to the success of the CK video I will have to start a Kickstarter for my July video because it is going to be big (hence no June video), and actually much more daring and impressive than the CK one (by a lot), so it iwill require money that I don’t have.  Speaking of which, back to the spreadsheets.


Atlanta – Day 4 – I smoke rocks Joe…

A trip that went overall went well ended on a sour note.  Here is the recap;

Wednesday June 16th afternoon – find out I will be headlining the Sunday night show at The Punchline (fu*king great)

Thursday June 17th morning – see that Joe Rogan has been booked to perform Sunday night. Oh well, feature for Joe Rogan ain’t bad (not too fu*king bad)

Friday June 18th evening – find out that I will be doing guest spots on Joe Rogan’s shows (a second one added because of his popularity) (oh fu*k)

Sunday June 20th – 28 minutes before showtime – Bumped off of the show because Joe Rogan (who by the way has fingers the size of Joe Torre – look it up, no wonder this guy was a world class fighter) has a two man show (fu*k Fear Factor and MMA)

Sunday June 20th 17 minutes into showtime – asked to get out of my seat at the bar so customers can sit (fu*k me)

Sunday June 20th 40 minutes into showtime – I walked outside and saw a member of The Punchline staff looking at one of my cards that I hand out (really nice, not just a business card) after shows.  I asked him where he got it and he said it was just sitting there.  So my last moment at the club was seeing one of my cards from Saturday night discarded like it was a free ticket to HA! Comedy Club (NYC reference).

Of course the Joe Rogan shows were sold out and the average age was 27 as opposed to the shows I worked this weekend which were 2/3 and 3/4 full and the average age was 47.  But them’s the breaks.  Other than that good time in Atlanta. See ya next year.


Atlanta – Day 3

Saw Jonah Hex yesterday.  A not good movie, but it had the decency to be only 80 minutes long.

3 shows last night.  Very tiring.  Felt like I did extremely well on the 7 pm and 11 pm shows (the 11 pm show was nice enough to laugh hard when I told them “I have to practically skullfu*k myself to fit into an airline seat.”  The 9 pm show was pretty good and with a couple of Asians, several black people and a couple of “what the fu*k are you’s” it was by far the most diverse show of the weekend. Ironically with that explosion of diversity I did not feel it went as well as the other two.

Tonight – 2 shows with Joe Rogan.  Turns out I will just be doing guest spots (he brings his own feature), so the good news is I will be able to catch the replay of True Blood in my hotel room at 11 pm and then fall asleep to the replay of the season finale of Treme.  The bad news is I will only be doing guest spots.  But I will use them to film TV audition reels (full house pumped up at a big club is a good time to do this).  Then I will just have to find a member of the tribe in LA or NYC to vouch for me when I send them to television bookers. 

Back in NYC tomorrow.