48 Hours to Reach a Goal

There are various significant meanings to 48 Hours.  It is the best window of time to find a kidnapped child.  It is also a comedy about a black person and a white person arguing and hating each other while trying to solve a crime. And as of today it is a fundraising deadline for me  that combines the joy of a kidnapped child with the hilarity and tension of a person born of a black person and white person who constantly argue with each other.  Was this an incredible stretch to humorously introduce information about my fundraising campaign? Yes.

Here is the deal loyal readers of the blog and consumers of my comedy content: Friday night marks the halfway point of my fundraising campaign for Comedy Academy, my web series featuring me playing a series of famous comedians running a fictional comedy school.  Friends and fans have been incredibly generous and I am at $1200 13 days into the campaign.  But here is the deal – I need to raise $550 in the next 48 hours to reach my halfway goal by… the halfway point of the campaign.  If you have enjoyed the stuff I have produced over the years please consider giving.  You get various amounts of comedy stuff for giving more, so please check out the campaign and pick a level that fits with your economic situation and love of good comedy (and then spread to friends).  All a long way of saying – please check out the campaign and contribute please!


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