The Shut The Fu*k Up List

Hey – I have no topic big enough to warrant an entire post, so I thought I’d just politely ask some people to simmer down:

1) Fantasy Football players – you make me ashamed to be a man.  Shut up about your league(s).  From hearing about your preposterous “draft” plans to hearing d-bags cheering against my team in a bar, simply because they need someone to make two more catches to win in their league, I hate it all.  I do not care how many people do this – you are a fu*king loser.  The inability to enjoy sports for sports’ sake should be a sad thing.  Perhaps the exponential growth of fantasy sports is one more indication of our culture being overstimulated to the point of needing more than just their favorite team to make sports interesting.  And there is just something extra grating about seeing many unathletic people participating at Fantasy Sports, giving them a long-awaited outlet to be competitive over sports.  It is the extra dose of rage I feel at losing in sports video games to a lesser athlete – it just feels doubly wrong.

2) The Comedians who are sweating Louie.  The FX show is solid.  A lot better than Lucky Louie which I thought was terrible.  But comedians can’t wait to heap praise on it.  It is hardly the best comedy I have ever seen, let alone the best on television.  30 Rock, Eastbound and Down and Community are all better right now.   Metaphorically inserting Louis C.K.’s balls into your mouth on your Facebook or Twitter updates will not make you any more meaningful a comedian by association.  I will say that – at least it is delivering a lot more than the movie Funny People did, with regard to stand up comedy.


3) Jay Pharoah.  Technically he has not said anything yet, but this is pre-emptive when he gets to be the Obama impersonator for the 36th Season of Saturday Night Live.

Tomorrow I am doing a show at a hospital and auditioning for a club in Long Island, so hopefully those experiences will provide some blog inspiration.