“The Joy of Abuse” – Tickets Now on Sale

My 4th album, and what surely will be my best, is being recorded at The Stand on April 25th and tickets are now available here – http://thestand.laughstub.com/show.cfm?id=237534&cart.  Use the code “JLCOMEDY” (all caps) for a discounted ticket (only $10 and the club has no drink minimum) if you buy this month (March).  The Stand was just picked by New York Magazine as the best comedy club in NYC for 2013.  And my Mom reads that magazine so I trust it.  Without spoiling any of the bits of the CD – it will continue where my last album Too Big To Fail left off – me complaining about the direction of our society and how we constantly pat ourselves on the back for what we believe in progress.  Racism, gay rights, pornography, charity and white chicks will be some of the major topics on the album.  These may not seem like revolutionary topics for comedy, but I think you will find my take on the subjects to be original and relatively unexplored.  Unless someone starts stealing my sh*t in the next month.

I plan on this being my last album for a while at least, if not ever (at least self-produced).  So don’t miss it.  Or at least if you do miss it, mail a copy of it to someone in South Africa so when I am 60 years old I can be like the dude in Searching For Sugarman.  I hope to have it out sometime during the Summer.

And to clear up the title I was never abused so the title does not allude to any trauma in my life, unless you consider my comedy career.   So please spread the word, buy tickets now and laugh and drink your asses off on the 25th of April (preferably at my show and not somewhere else).  Thanks.