The Greatest Political Ad of 2013

The most significant, game-changing moment of the 2013 Mayoral Race in New York City was the “Dante” ad, which featured Democratic nominee Bill de Blasio’s son Dante, explaining why his father would be a great mayor, al underneath Dante’s now famous afro.  If you are not from NYC then you may not be familiar with the ad. If so – here it is:

Well, after the huge bump the ad gave de Blaiso (he went from 4th place in polls to a chokehold on 1st and the nomination after the ad) it appears it was time to repay the favor.  It turns out Bill is not the only de Blasio with a taste for politics.  Dante is running for student council at Brooklyn Tech and he has employed his father to give him an endorsement.  Enjoy the new commercial here:

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