The Final 4

Yesterday I was pleased to see that I have a chance at 2nd place in my pool if Michigan State can beat UConn and UNC beats Villanova.  After losing Florida St. in the first round I am glad my other 3 final four teams persevered. 

But this is about a more important Final Four.  March Comedy Madness at Caroline’s taking place tomorrow night at 9:30 pm.  When I filled out my brackets several weeks ago I had myself losing to Myq Kaplan in the Final Four.  I had it this way for a few reasons:

  1. I have addvance one round further each year (which is why I plan on coming back for my senior year of comedy next year to try and win a championship if I don’t this year).  Sweet 16 in year 1, Elite 8 in year 2, Final Four in year 3.  By that iron clad logic I should lose tomorrow.
  2. Myq Kaplan has already bested me in a competition.  Last year he advanced in Boston to the Finals while I was left on a 10 pm Amtrak back to NYC so I could litigate in the morning.  He has sharp and rapid fire delivery, which works especially well in competition settings.  I have more of a methodical, story telling style, which is the only true way to deliver bitterness and condescension.
  3. Myq is from Boston.  I am from New York City.  He has more people coming according to his Facebook invite than me according to my Facebook invite.  If he has more people to cheer for him that will be as bad as when Al Gore lost Tennessee in 2000. 

Either way tomorrow night will be a good night of comedy so come out and enjoy.  And I will throw my endorsement behind Myq if he wins because losing to “the champ” sounds a lot better than losing to “some guy.”

  • myq

    Greetings, internet world of J-L Cauvin and company.

    You are an honorable competitor, and I will be happy for either of us to walk away the champion. It’s an honor just to be nominated to have our artistry pitted against one another in battle of wits and farts.

    That said, I hope that all of your math and calculations are right.
    I would be more comfortable if I had done the work myself, because I had a busy upbringing of not playing lots of sports that gave me more time for accounting and such. But you’re a smart and generous guy, so thank you for your kind words, you gentleman you, and such, you don’t belong in comedy. Go feed some starving kittens or something, nicey.

    A vegan.

    PS See you tomorrow! May the best man or half-man or man-and-a-half win!

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