Scared Straight and the Future of JLComedy

Yesterday I launched my latest comedy, stand-up comedy parody.  It got over 2000 views in its first day so I am hoping that momentum can keep going.  I warn you it is not safe for work (so use headphones if you are near others), but it is damn funny.

In case you are unfamiliar with the Scared Straight basis of my parody here is the 1999 MTV special that inspired me (warning – maximum security prisoners in the late 1990s were not as sensitive to anti-gay slurs as they might be today):

Overshadowed on my social media sites yesterday was a great new episode of my podcast where I interview, discuss and mock a woman who runs a successful dog yoga (not a misprint) business in Florida.  Enjoy it here.

But with the year 7 months done I though it would be good to provide a roadmap of the rest of 2013, so you can update your iPhone calendar or Outlook program.

1) COMEDIAN ESQUIRE Now – I just launched Comedian Esquire – a new Facebook page, twitter account and section of my website dedicated to legal humor and my law school bookings.

2) Investigation Discovery’s “Dumb Criminals” – My new web series combines actual legal knowledge with my sense of humor.  I am the co-host.  The Scottie Pippen of the show if you will.  Perhaps it will begin and end with this, but having even a toe in the front door of Discovery is a good thing.  This should launch the end of this month or very beginning of August and I will post it through my Comedian Esquire accounts.

3) Keep My Enemies Closer – October 1st is the anticipated release date for my new (and without question best) stand up album.  It may come out a week early, but be sure to plan on buying it (and gifting it) on October 1st on iTunes to get it to climb as high as possible on the charts on iTunes on that day.

4) New Videos – these are the videos that I will be producing through the end of the year.  They will all be funny.

  • “Say My Name” Breaking Bad parody to promote Keep My Enemies Closer – August
  • Law-Comedy Sketch – going to be fantastic, but I don’t want to say in case someone might steal it – September
  • Comedy Academy (Kickstarter campaign likely because of scope and budget needed for this) – October.  I will be playing 6 different comedians, including a reprisal of Louis CK
  • The Spirit of Biggie – November (the unveiling of my impression of the late, great Notorious B.I.G.)
  • December – another law-themed video that I do not want to reveal for fear the idea might be stolen, but it will have widespread appeal – just trust me

5) Blogs, Podcasts and Movie Reviews – I will keep delivering the same weekly output for all of these.  So keep enjoying, subscribing and sharing please.  It really does help.

6) Day Job – I have some other high profile possibilities (low probability so not worth mentioning), but assuming this year ends the way the last 3-4 years have ended then the only other prediction I have is embarking on a new career in 2014.  But for the first time in years I am mildly hopeful that I can turn around my comedy fortunes – from the podcast, blogs, viral videos and slightly raised stature within comedy there is a shot that some things may pan out.  But if they don’t my bank account and bills cannot run on respect and Facebook “likes.”  So fingers crossed.

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