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San Francisco Comedy Festival, Round 1, Day 5

I had a great set last night.  However, before the show I saw that it was mathematically impossible for me to advance so I went about 40 seconds over my time to finish the set well.  I was extremely happy with my set and a great bonus was that many members of the crowd were shouting for me (they did not know of the timing disqualification) when they announced the top 5 for the night (my point deduction for going over ruled me out for top 5 consideration for the evening) and it was acknowledged by the emcee.  So I guess I ended strong and am overall happy to leave on a relative high note. 

Thanks to the people who ran it and competed in it (not necessarily those that judged it).  This week it is off to Los Angeles to do some shows and then back to NYC.  Then time to hustle again for gigs.  Ugggggh.

More comprehensive blogs this week, but this was a draining and time consuming experience so nothing else to report.

FYI – I am taking a 12 hour Amtrak down the coast from Oakland to Los Angeles for the view and the experience on Tuesday morning.

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