My Website Just Turned 3

Happy Birthday To It!

Like Madonna, my website is constantly changing itself to keep people interested.  I have nothing to write much today (although tomorrow I will be writing about the new Yankee Stadium – today I received an investor’s prospectus, I mean a ticket information fan guide in the mail).  So I ask readers to scroll through the archives and catch up on my three years of Internet presence.  Things you should expect:

  • funny stories about the NYC subway system
  • many references to movies
  • self loathing
  • humor
  • the occasional burst of political insight

Thanks to Steve Axworthy who is the nuts and bolts behind my website, proving that it is my talent and not my tech support that is preventing me from becoming a star.   Just kidding, “I got a lot of star power” – Kenny Powers

  • yosemiteanne

    Mazel tov from living large in Riverdale.

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