My Comedy Career Is 6 Years Old

6 years ago in Washington, D.C. at a jazz club called Takoma Station Tavern (across the street from the now defunct Takoma Theater where Chris Rock’s legendary HBO Special Bring The Pain ) I took a mic and did my first five minutes of stand up.  The only joke I can remember is as follows so History will have to regard this as the first joke of my career:

I recently saw a cab on the street and on the side of the door the cab company was listed as “Arrive Alive cabs.”  Isn’t that setting the expectations a bit low?  ‘That was a tough ride, sorry for the broken arm and loss of blood, but…yep you’ve got a pulse, that’ll be $6.50.”

My newest joke, written yesterday:

Why are there no black Terminators in any of the movies?  Is it because they knew that if they sent a black Terminator he would not blend in very well because white people would run away from him before they even knew he was a Terminator?  Some guy that looks like Anthony Mason coming down a dark alley – sounds scary enough without adding that he is an unkillable cyborg.

Happy Birthday Comedy Career.

  • rosss

    Congrats on the b-day. By the way, how about switching Anthony Mason with Ray Lewis?

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