Movie Of The Week: BOOTY!

In what amounts to a historic drought for me I will most likely not be seeing a movie for the second week in a row.  I am on the road and only a mile from a movie theater, but neither Conan The Barbarian nor Colin The Barbarian in Fright Night appeal to me in the least.  But since I do not want to disappoint readers who look to my guidance and/or hatred and/or humor each week on movies I have a new J-L original (I went crazy this month filming four, and I think four of my best ever, sketches) to share with you.

This one is basically where I think the future of the E! channel is headed as they progress along the lines of large-assed women and the black men that love them reality shows.  Enjoy Booty! (and please pass along to friends/facebook/twitter if you think it is funny):

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