Los Angeles So Far

So far the trip to L.A. is going well.  I went to an open mic on Wednesday and performed in front of 10 people, but it felt good because being in a new city I did not have the same bitter cynicism that I would have in a similar situation in NYC (see next week).  I also went to a Brazilian steakhouse with my website guru and his wife and ate (my guess) about 3 pounds of beef, which then led to a re-enactment of Jeff Daniels’ performance in Dumb & Dumber.

The conclusion of an evening at a Brazilian Steakhouse
The conclusion of an evening at a Brazilian Steakhouse

Last night I went to the LA Improv for a set and it once again served as a nice reminder that I am improving as a comic (small victories and reminders like that become increasingly important).  Two years ago I received good response, but last night I felt it was really strong.  I tried to load the video to my blog, but my blog does not allow for large videos, so you will have to take my word for it that it went well.

Tonight I am in Santa Monica so check the schedule for the address if you want to go.

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