Law School Reunion

Technically a Law Center Reunion

This weekend is a busy weekend for me.  I’m going to the Steelers game in Pittsburgh with my brother on Sunday, which alone would make for an eventful weekend.  However, before then I will have embarked on a two day return to Georgetown University Law Center (GULC) for the 5 year Reunion.

My law school career basically began with 9/11, which I think should have been an early warning to me that I was making a wrong choice.  Half way through law school, and seriously contemplating quitting (rather than a glass half full/half empty perspective at the mid point of law school I had more of a “this glass sucks” perspective), I discovered stand up comedy.  After that law school was a breeze.  Whenever a class was boring I just took out a notebook and began writing towards whatever bar or hotel open mic I was doing that night.  Oddly enough, my grades were inversely proportional, semester to semester, to the effort I exerted academically.  That’s right kids – when in doubt; don’t try.

So now it’s time to re-visit that time, like attending a War Memorial with fellow soldiers, except slightly less traumatic.  And like old soldiers with Alzheimer’s and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I will probably look at several people whose faces I recognize, but cannot recall their names.   I will have more interesting stories than most, having two legal jobs and a new career since I graduated with dishonor, but will also be expecting most 6th year associates to pick up the lion’s share of the bar tabs.

I think the anticipated questions I will get by demographic at Reunion:

Married Men – So, how cool is stand up comedy on the road?  Cool, except when they pay me.

Married Men with kids – So do you fu-k a lot of chicks on the road? Truthfully – not at all.  (but if it’s someone I did not like in law school, “hell yeah dude – I don’t know what anybody who gets married and has kids is thinking… so how’s your family?”).

Single Men – Why aren’t you drinking more you pussy?

Married Women – So, how cool is stand up comedy on the road?

Married Women with kids – This is my son/daughter (no question – very bossy)

Single Women – Why aren’t you drinking more you pussy?