It’s Undeniable – 24 Sucks

Last night I watched the second to last episode of the seventh season/day of 24.  It became official – this show is absolutely horrible.  The 14th plot twist in 22 hours was the most absurd.   I do not want to get into all the plot twists, but one this season was that Tony Almeida, a good guy for 5 seasons turns out to be the first quadruple agent in spy history (even the Naked Gun film series did not have absurdities like that).

Last night Kim Bauer, Jack’s daughter and the Natalie Holloway of prime time, is about to get kidnapped in the season finale, meaning that she will have been kidnapped every season she has appeared in the show.  I think the weirdest part of this kidnap plot is that the terrorists expected a bioweapon to explode killing thousands, thus marking the end of their plot, but as an insurance policy for their 5th failed attack  in 24 hours, they track Jack’s daughter, who just showed up in town less than 5 hours ago, to the airport by a guy who looks like Eddie Money.

I'm taking Kim Bauer home tonight
I'm taking Kim Bauer home tonight

The show also has abandonedthe 24 hour – real time approach last night when a bomb that was timed to 15 minutes actually lost 3 minutes during the course of the show.  I just need to say that if you are a person who watches this show and instead of rolling your eyes at the 37th plot twist in 42 minutes, goes, “Ohhhhhh sh*t!!!!” you are a fuc-ing retard. 

I am a huge fan of 24!! Like that one episode where Jack runs a marathon in one hour.  So Cool!!!
I am a huge fan of 24!! Like that one episode where Jack runs a marathon in one hour. So Cool!!!

I think it’s Ockham’s Razor that says the simplest explanation is often the right one.  On 24 the theory is: what ever is the most absurd possibility, past the point of being clever and just being plainly ridiculous and impossible within reason and the time constraints of the show is going to be what happens. And it will happenseven times during the season.

For a preview of Season 8 of this excrement – click the link below. 

The Future of 24

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