Is Kareem Polpot Obama Too Long?

14 Minutes if Officially Too Long


I recently wrote, produced and starred in a meaningless mockumentary style production about a fictional 4th cousin of Barack Obama.  At the time of my writing this it has currently been viewed 363 times on and has received 40 funny votes to 8 die votes.

Click on the above link to watch and vote – or just go to my video section and watch it there.

I think it is well done and I am thankful to all the friends and comedians and directors (Nate and Ari) who helped make it go.  I was hoping to make the video go “viral,” meaning that thousands and then millions would see it, I would  become Fred Armisen’s replacement as Obama on SNL and then forget about everyone in my life and become wildly rich.

But I have been shot down by a few friends in this pursuit and the reason is that it is “too long” for people, especially the ADD types to forward along to their friends.  it is 14 minutes long, which should not be a problem.  And ADD is a myth shrouded in science to make rude people feel less like douchebags.

This is where we have gotten – 14 minutes is now too long for people to pay attention.  Shows like Bromance, starring Brody Jenner, the handsome,useless, unaccomplishedspawn of a former Olympian named Bruce Jenner, trying to find a best friend holds people’s attention.  If you watch anything funny on television it has now become either shows loaded with quick nonstop attention grabbing gags and diversions like Scrubs, 30 Rock or Family Guy or unintentional humor like Bromance and Rock of Love. 

My sketch is more about total humor, but with punch lines thrown in, some obvious, some subtle.  But either my friends don’t give their friends enough credit for being able to pay attention for 14 minutes or their friends are going to further the tidal wave of simple and quick hit humor. 

Perhaps this is just because I sat through Che, which is 4 1/2 hours long, but I think people can watch a 14 minute mockumentary.  Or at least Lorne Michaels can.  And should.  Please.