How The GOP Chose Katie Britt

This week should have been about how Joe Biden put an orthopedic shoe up the ass of every hater and doubter with an energetic and overall strong State of the Union. Yes, he referred to an undocumented worker as an “illegal,’ but perhaps we could carve a progressive exception out for an undocumented worker, whose work appears to have been the murder of a nursing student, to allowing an 81 year old man on the right side of most issues to say “illegal.”  But just as Joe was about to celebrate and text Jill “get ready for some Corn Pop tonight,” enter Katie Britt.

Katie Britt, whose performance I would describe as “phone sex operator having a bipolar episode” was a standout terrible performance in a role that often leads to bad performances.  She was so bad and trending for so long I thought there was a chance that Trump might get angry at her for occupying too much bandwidth.  As I said on Twitter (and found out was stolen by someone), her performance was what you expect from someone who could only afford Kirk Cameron acting class.  Katie Britt, a pretty, young Senator, seemed like a solid option to the GOP, because they are as dumb as they are vicious.  Perhaps they thought she would give off that classic Republican combo of “GOP men want to violate her, and GOP women want to be her” but instead she gave off Handmaid’s Tale as envisioned by Jordan Peele.

But for everyone criticizing the GOP’s choice of Britt and the performance of Britt, perhaps you’ll feel different when you see the other options that made the final cut:

Tim Scott – In an effort to prove that they are not a party of racists and self-hating people of color, the GOP wanted Tim Scott to deliver the message. However, just at Britt decided to deliver her message from a kitchen, Scott wanted to do the message while tap dancing for Donald Trump at Mar A Lago.  The GOP believed that, while entertaining, it would detract from the message of lying about Joe Biden.

Lauren Boebert – For purely personal reasons I would have enjoyed more Lauren Boebert screen time, but apparently censors would not allow her to show either of the penises she planned on holding during her attack on Biden.

Barron Trump – With his 18th birthday looming like his 14 foot shadow, Barron Trump would show a new generation of potential Hitler Youth to the nation, while reminding them that he is Donald Trump’s son and not a drug addict like Hunter Biden.  However, Donald Trump had no idea who he was and did not want someone taller than him to deliver the message.

Kyle Rittenhouse – This was actually very close to happening, but only Truth Social would allow Rittenhouse to bring his emotional support AR-15 with him, thus eliminating mainstream coverage.

The Sound of Freedom – Given Katie Britt’s largely false and misleading (and extensive) discussion of rape and sex trafficking, the GOP were close to just playing the two hour movie starring guy-too-extreme-for-Opus-Dei Jim Caviezel about child sex trafficking as their rebuttal.  But the GOP eventually decided that nothing could me more unnerving than Katie Britt talking. About anything.

Matt Gaetz – This is actually my serious suggestion to the GOP.  Matt Gaetz stinks. Let’s be clear.  But he is sharp, ready for prime time as a TV personality, is all in on Trump and can connect to younger generations, whether through Only Fans, Venmo or Thai vacations.  The GOP is a completely amoral, hypocritical bag of garbage, but when it is time for a rebuttal to Joe Biden, they decided to go with some think tank-consensus-algorithm choice like Katie Britt?  At least do Joe Biden the courtesy of being who you are and pick your worst best. Instead you picked your Britt.

  • Kaye

    With Katie Britt, it was a case of what should have been….’You say it best, when you say nothing at all’. I totally agree with what you say, J-L. As a woman, I squirmed after two minutes in, and had to force myself to watch. The phone sex worker voice, the green submissive wife ‘Handmaids Tale’ clothes, the kitchen? What an unmitigated disaster. Goodbye, Katie, me thinks. As for Dark Brandon…fabulous. So what he called an undocumented alleged murderer an illegal. I would be hard pressed to think straight with the rabid, red robed MTG yelling BS at me. Four more years! I so wish the election was international…then I, too, and the Australian mob, could vote 💙!

    1. J-L Cauvin

      Thanks for reading and for the comments! Hope all is well down under!

  • Kaye

    Katie Britt should have been coached by someone who knew of that old song…’You say it best when you say nothing at all’. As a woman, two minutes in, and I was squirming in my chair, but I forced myself to watch. And Katie delivered. In her best phone sex worker’s voice, wearing her Handmaids Tale submissive wife’s green clothes, wearing her trump badge indicating that she is his type…a shiny cross around her neck, Katie proceeded, in her KITCHEN, to impress on us, with mismatched facial expressions and whispers, that Democrats are the Devil and Biden is bad. Oh dear, Katie just shot herself in the foot, me thinks.
    As for Dark Brandon, as we say in Australia, ‘Go, you good thing!’
    Quick thinking, smart, articulate, Biden was great. So what if he used one word wrong? Responding to lunatic, red dressed MTG screaming her latest BS would be difficult for anyone. And technically, referring to the alleged murderer of young Laken as an illegal, could have been in reference to his illegal act of murder. Biden has already apologised for using that word when he should have said ‘undocumented’. He still got his point across. And I cannot, for the life of me, recall a time when the orange drongo, donnie trump, has ever apologised. Ever!
    I just wish it was an international election so that the Aussie mob could do what we want, and vote 💙!
    Thanks J-L, for your thoughts. I couldn’t agree more.

  • Teri

    Omfg! Thank you for this. I laughed every other word of this. Still catching my breath.

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