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I am using this post to announce my candidacy for several awards in the annual ECNY Awards.  The ECNY Awards are awards given out at Comix in March honoring/celebrating NY based comedians.  Readers of this blog may think I’d be above and/or burned out on contests involving comedy, but how can I lose and become more bitter if I am never nominated?  Please go the website below for info or go right to the nominating form: (general site info) (nomination form)

The categories I’d like some votes for:

1) Best Male stand up.  The competition might be thinner in the female category, but I’ve been told I do not qualify despite my occasional irrational moodiness.  I also think it unlikey that a comic who gets no paid work from any NY club has a chance at this, but consider a vote for me as the equivalent of voting for a grass roots third party candidate, like Ross Perot, Ralph Nader or George Wallace (courting the Western Pennsylvania and Southern vote)

Maybe We Can.
Maybe We Can.

2) Best Short Comedic Film (feel free to nominate one or all, but my preferred order is below)

3) Best for all the work Steve Axworthy has done for me over the last 3 years to get some recognition.

4) Outstanding achievement in tweeting(@jlcauvin).  This category may be the worst award ever and contrary to some of what you may think I probably don’t stand a chance with my 1,000+ tweets to those who exceed the 10,000 and 20,000+ tweets.  But if you find my posts funny, then do the right thing.

Thanks everybody.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

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