Birthday Wishlist – Go Viral & Sell Tickets

Today I turn 34 years old, but because I do not own a Bo Jackson or Charles Barkley jersey people will just have to guess my age from the rings of depression underneath my eyes.  So far the birthday plans are pretty strong – cash from the folks (which I would like to use for fun stuff, but which will actually be for bill paying, which is also fun… shotgun blast), steak dinner and NBA hoops on television.  But if you are wondering, “Hey, I want to do something for J-L’s birthday, but want to spend a minimal amount of money and don’t really want to have direct contact with him – what can I do??”  Well, your answer is very simple.  There are two things you can do for me in this major year for me in comedy.  The first option is to watch my new video in which I play Louis CK.  Would love for this to go viral (and for Lorne Michaels, Louis CK and everyone else in comedy to begin a bidding war to sign me to a development deal).  The make-up and video work are brilliant and most importantly I am brilliant.  Enjoy and share – this is the free option for my birthday:

The other option is to buy tickets to my new album recording. It is May 18th at 9pm at NYC’s Triad Theater.  Tickets are only $10 and it is going to be my best work BY FAR.  I am really excited about the new hour I have prepped over the last couple of years and would love to pack the place. Pre-sales are of great benefit to me so if you are going to be in NYC on the 18th please organize friends and family for a great night out of comedy and start buying up tickets now: