Better Than An Episode of Key and Peele

I received a message to submit to a television network (I am omitting the network, though you can narrow it down to a few with the description) and did so last week.  The request was as follows:  We are looking for smart, edgy, viciously funny writers to create digital short content that would air on various ___ platforms.  This is a paid opportunity and an amazing chance to get your work seen on an international television network. Content created if contracted must appeal to ____ Networks demographic and their sensibilities and  feature at least one person of color.  There was an urgency to this posting so as soon as I got home I immediately had 5 sketches of mine that I wanted to submit, which I did.  Here they are for your pleasure.  I would put these five sketches (just 5 of several dozen I have made over the last few years) with commercial breaks against any of the falsely-subversive humor of Key & Peele, but I am biased (but no hammy intros to sketches has to at least play in my favor).  If I do not receive a good word about this, however, I really want to know who submitted and got the job(s).  Well, enjoy these videos for the first time or again.  Think of these five sketches as the pilot of my non-existent show “JL & Cauvin”


Tyler Perry’s Old Testament, New Problem


NBA Dunk Celebration Workshop

Tim & Aaron

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  • Rod TBGWT

    How the hell did you narrow this to just 5? I’d have put the Heckler one in there and probably something from Comedy Academy if possible. But it’s so hard b/c I wouldn’t want to take any of the ones you picked out of the equation too.

    Can you submit one for the white half of you and another for the black half?

    1. J-L Cauvin

      Well I just narrowed down the ones that, as the description called for, would most likely appeal to a network for people of color.

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