And that brings us to the word… Karma

I will keep this simple.

Tonight I did a set at Karma Lounge on the Lower East Side.  The set was very inconsistent, which I was sort of prepared for emotionally because I had several general sports jokes and sports on the Lower East Side are about as relatable to that scene as talking about being popular high school. 

After the set two young women tried to trip me after my set (I won’t waste time explaining, but it was on purpose), apparently because they did not like my set.  This angered me for three reasons.

1) Who trips people on purpose after 7th grade?

2) The arrogance and confidence of these girls to trip me indicates not only a lack of respect for me, but also a hubris that they can actually physically interfere with another person without fear of repercussion.

3) They did not have boyfriends readily available for physical destruction.

To anyone who knows me – have a laugh at the thought that this was a top 5 angry moment in my career.  In the unlikely case of this reaching the two girls at the bar at Karma tonight who tried to trip me I hope your sense of privilege and arrogance continues until you meet the social deviant who will not stand for it.   Seriously – that would be karma, and that’s the word.

  • Abbi Crutchfield

    Explain how you know they did it on purpose! Did they say in thick country accents, “Hope you like the taste of concrete, yellow boy!” ?

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