A Week that Defined My Comedy Career

Monday – Bar show I am supposed to host gets cancelled due to hockey playoffs.

Tuesday – Upload a great new episode of my podcast. But for the first time in 14 weeks I fu*ked up the audio and it ended up having irritating audio playback, this guaranteeing fewer listens than normal, even though it was one of the best episodes yet.  Then I went to Hoboken and appeared for three hours on Chucklefu*k Radio. I made zero dollars.  It was fun and funny and I think I gained one Twitter follower.

Wednesday – Recorded an episode of Robin Quivers’ The Chatter on Sirius XM.  It went great.  I made zero dollars. I think I gained one Twitter follower.

Thursday –  I headlined a Cancer fundraiser at the Triad Theater in NYC.  Had a great set.  I was paid with an Amex gift card (which was actually nice because I had offered to do the show for free).  I sold three CDs, but only because I promised the money to the charity.  I gained zero Twitter followers, but a guy can’t have it all.

Today – off to UPenn Law School to do a show with Comedians At Law, which is the only paid gig of the week (well paid), but all the money will be going into the CAL business.  So in other words I will make zero dollars.  Let’s hope I get at least get one Twitter follower.



  • sarahwilson

    Boy, this is really depressing. My question is, how do you support yourself financially?

    But keep up the hard work, the reward will eventually come! At least you’re following your passion. Good things come to those who try!

    1. J-L Cauvin

      Hahaha thanks for the support. When I get a day job e-mail I will let you know how I support myself 🙂

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