3 Major Projects

Sorry I have not been writing recently (have not even seen a movie this week!), but the good news is that I have some major things in the works so please stay updated.  Here’s the run down:

TOO BIG TO FAIL – this incredibly ironically titled CD will be released in the next month.  The actual tracks are all ready and now it is time to work on the CD artwork.  There will be a big Internet release event (where I want everyone to buy and/or review it on the same day) which I will amply promote/annoy you with.

LAWMAGEDDON TOUR – Me and my five amigos at www.ComediansAtLaw.com have been working really hard to put together our kick ass tour and we are excited to have booked several of the country’s top clubs.  If you are in one of these cities or even better a lawyer, law student or other person involved with the non-convict side of the law, please be sure to check out the site and follow us on Twitter (@ComediansAtLaw).

  • Feb 22 – DC Improv
  • Feb 29 – Zanies in Chicago
  • March 22 – Hollywood Improv
  • March 28 – Helium in Philadelphia
  • April 3 – Gotham Comedy Club
  • Boston – TBA

So obviously this is a major effort so any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated.  Tickets will go on sale soon.

MY NEW PODCAST – I am very excited about this podcast.  I know every other human being has a podcast, but I have worked for a while on developing a novel concept to mine.  I do not want to disclose too much, but it will be weekly beginning January 3rd (Tuesdays) and if you are a fan of my somewhat aggressive and argumentative style of writing and behaving then you will enjoy it for sure.

Me busy at work for my dozen of fans.

So next week I will be back to writing about various thins, but wanted you to know I am still busy with stuff.  Bye bye.