New York Comedy Contest Finals

Tonight is the Finals of the New York Comedy Contest.  Winner gets $2500.  And the top 3 finishers get automatic entrance into the Boston Comedy Festival (so if I finish top-3 I can save on my entrance fee, so I guess second and third place wins $35).  Loser gets to write a blog tomorrow about how much he hates comedy competitions.  Either way if you watch my comedy or read this blog you will be happy (although technically tomorrow I am supposed to write about Twitter and Facebook so let’s hope nothing weird happens tonight to derail that plan).

Show is at the Times Square Arts Center, which used to be the Laugh Factory, which I think used to be a strip club or they just kept a lot of the classy decor of early 1980s Times Square, sans semen stains.

This is the sort of feeling you get from performing at the Times Square Arts Center.

The competition is scored on a few categories: material (I’ll be fine), stage presence (always good for me) and audience reaction (will be fine, but won’t expect a big crowd for me to begin with because a) it is the NBA Finals and unlike a lot of comedians I have a lot of friends who are into sports and b) my friends and acquaintances are basically now in the “let’s just wait to see if he actually becomes famous at this sh*t before we pass up happy hour to see a show.”).

I think this is how the winner is announced tonight.

But if you a) read this blog before 8 pm tonight, b) don’t like the NBA (but not in that racist “I don’t watch the NBA” way), c) enjoy comedy, and d) want to see me try and win money then come to the Times Square Arts Center (NW corner of 42nd and 8th Ave) at 8 pm.  If you even fit into this category you should comment on this blog (not you Mom).